Saturday, March 24, 2007

Oh My Lover

Song: Oh My Lover
Artist: Chiffons
Written: Ronald Mack

Year :
Album/Single: Laurie # LR-3152

Cobra's Version
Song: Oh My Lover
Released: May 1st, 2001
Album: Life, Love & Leaving

This weeks selection is from a band you may have actually heard of before (unlike a lot of the bands the Cobras have covered) - The Chiffons
. Their biggest hit was "He's So Fine" and today's selection - "Oh My Lover" - was it's b-side. Interestingly enough, the producers of the record, the Tokens (of "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" fame), felt that "Oh My Lover" should have been the A-side. Along with "He's So Fine", the Chiffons had other hits with "One Fine Day", "Sweet Talking Guy" and "A Love So Fine".

Both sides were penned by Ronald Mack, a young songwriter who had heard the Chiffon's singing in their high school cafeteria. He would not be able to enjoy the fruits of his labor, however, passing away later in 1963 from Hodgkin's disease. His estate, however, was
able to double dip, after suing George Harrison claiming plagiarism on "My Sweet Lord". Ironically enough, the Chiffon's covered "My Sweet Lord" in a jazzy, lounge lizard fashion, in 1975.

Being a fan of the girl group sound, this is one of the few songs the Cobra's have covered that I knew before I heard the Cobra's version - "Bye Bye Baby" (Mary Wells), "Find Me A Home" (by Solomon Burke, though I was familiar with the Otis Redding version), "I'll Keep Holding On" (the Marvellettes, though I knew it from the Action's version), "Insane Asylum" (Koko Taylor), "It's Raining" (Irma Thomas), "Putty" (the Shirelles via the Yardbirds) and "Weak Spot" (Ruby Johnson). The rest of their songs have been a joy of discovery.

(Oh, My Lover)

(Oh, My Lover)

(Oh, My Lover)

(I love you)

Oh, please (oh, my lover)
don't never ever say were through (oh, my lover)
for I feel attached to you (oh, my lover)
Can't you see I'm really in love with you ? (I love you)

My desire (oh, my lover)
is to be with you to the end (oh, my lover)
You and I are a perfect blend (oh, my lover)
Can't you see that we were meant to be more than just friends (I love you)

(Love is a wonderful thing)
Keeps those bells in swing
(As we walk down the aisle)
Once more those bells will ring

(Oh, My Lover)
(Oh, My Lover)
(Oh, My Lover)
(I love you)

I wonder (oh, my lover)
if he feels the same about me (oh, my lover)
Now that I see his face, I will weep (oh, my lover)

I know that I no longer should worry (I love you)

(Oh, My Lover)

(Oh, My Lover)

(Oh, My Lover)
(Oh, My Lover)

(Oh, My Lover)
(Oh, My Lover)

It's a quick, tight song, clocking in at a mere 1:48. The Cobra's version is much faster, getting the job done in 1:34. Perhaps they were able to cut the 14 seconds by not repeating the chorus (oh, my lover) after each stanza. Also, Rachel tweaked the third stanza of the third verse - "Now that I see his face, I will weep" - to something I can not make out, I think it is "Now that his feelings say I will be", but can't be sure. I'd be interested in your opinion as to what it is.

Download it now:
The Chiffons - Oh My Lover - 1963 - Laurie # LR-3152
Available on - "One Fine Day"

Buy "Life, Love and Leaving" by the Detroit Cobras


theinvisiblegirl said...

Hiya, I have aint it a shame, i believe you need it?

joe.mares said...

that would be great !
can you send it to my g-mail account
it's otisredn at gmail dot com

Ryan said...

Hey guys - GREAT WORK! Love reading all the background on these great songs. Looks like some of the song links are broken though - Oh My Lover and Love Speaks Louder than Words. Also - do you have a copy of the ACtion's I'll Keep HOlding On? Thanks!

Anonymous said...


I was thinking about "Now his fiancée I will be" for the third stanza of the third verse.

Let me know if I'm crazy hearing that, at least that's what I sing and I like it like that... I'm French and my English is far to be perfect. I feel kinda really conceited to propose this since it's not my mother language.

Have fun