Saturday, November 7, 2009

Weak Spot

Song: Weak Spot
Artist: Ruby Johnson
Written: Steve Cropper/Issac Hayes / David Porter

Year : 1966
Album/Single: Volt # 133

Cobra's Version
Weak Spot
Released: January 18th, 2005

(Hello? Is this thing on? I know it's been a while . . . I've been busy . . .)

Today's song is a real barn burner. The Cobra version is nice, but really has nothing on the original.

Ruby Johnson was born in 1936 in North Carolina. If you listen to this song and other's by her (and I highly recommend you follow the link at the bottom of the page and buy her album "I'll Run Your Hurt Away") you would think she grew up in a southern gospel environment . . . and you'd be wrong. She was raised in the temple Beth-el faith! She eventually moved to Washington D.C. and recorded for the V-Tone and NEB's labels before being signed to Stax by Al Bell. As best as I can tell she recorded 19 tracks for Stax (I know - there's 20 tracks on the album . . . there are 2 versions of "Come to Me My Darling" which, interestingly enough are different from the version on the Stax box set). For what ever reason, however, Stax only released 3 singles, of which today's selection was the B Side of the first - Volt # 133 - with the fabulous "I'll Run Your Hurt Away" on the A side.

There he is
Standing in the crowd
Whenever I see him
I wanna scream "I love you" out loud

The man is my Weak Spot (Yes he is)
Sure 'nuff he's my Weak Spot (Yes he is)
I said he man is my Weak Spot (Yes he isssss)
Woa Ohh Ohh I'm gonna love him
Ooh Ooh I'm gonna love him right now

Things that were silly
To see what you want
Your heart says a grab it
But your pride, your pride says don't

Can't help it he's my Weak Spot (Yes he is)
I'm so glad he's my Weak Spot (Yes he is)
I said the man is my Weak Spot

I can't a help it
I can't a help it
The girl can't help it
The man, the man, the man
The man is my Weak Spot

I see him
And things jump up in mind
My love stays warm for him
All, all of the time

I can't a help it he's my Weak Spot (Yes he is)
Ah sure 'nuff he's my weak spot (Yes he is)
So take your hands off my weak Spot (Yes he is)
Ah, don't mess with my weak spot (Yes he is)
Cuz I love, I love my Weak Spot (Yes he is)
Ah, take you hands off my Weak Spot

Did you download and listen to it yet? Awesome, no? Had to be the best thing she ever laid to wax, no? No. It's not. Buy the album and check out "When My Love Come's Down". It was my first exposure to her via the Stax box set and it blew me away . . . was worth the $100 I paid for the box set. Apparently I am not alone in my assessment of "When My Love Comes Down" - check out this review.

I can't blame Cobra's for not being able to match her performance on this song. Not many could. They make a a few minor lyrical changes and they don't even attempt the "Yes he is" refrains.

Download it now:

Ruby Johnson - Weak Spot - 1966 - Volt # 133
Available on - I'll Run Your Hurt Away

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