Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I Can't Please You

Song: I Can't Please You
Artist: Jimmy Robins
Jimmy Robins
Year : 1966
Album/Single: Jerhart # 207 A

Cobra's Version
Song: Just Can't Please You
Released: January 18, 2005

Today's selection is from the other great Mid-western city - Chicago! (Sorry, Cleveland). The artist, Jimmy Robins, has been performing since the 50's, first as a gospel artist. It would also appear that he has come full circle, for he now bills himself as Jimmy "Preacher" Robins - check out his website. It seems he's not only still performing, but he can assist you with a limo, real estate or maybe introduce you to Denzel Washington. He also has a MySpace site where you can stream 4 of his songs, including "I Can't Please You".

Today's select was release in 1966 and was the only national hit for Bob Lee's Jerhart label, making it all the way to #131 ! Or maybe it was #55, as his website claims. It was also released in England on the President label.

Hey! Oh Little Girl
What's wrong with you?

I've done everything
I knew to do

I've tried
So hard!
You misused me
But I tried
I just cant please you

Oh Little Girl
I've given you all that you need
And I've been a good man
A good man indeed

I've tried
So hard
You misused me
But I tried
I just cant please you

I brought you happiness when you were sad
Even made you smile when you were mad
Leaving me, baby, may make you glad
But you'll soon realize what a good man you had

Little Girl
Ohh, Ohh what's wrong with you
I've done everything
I knew to do

I've tried
So hard
You misused me
But I tried
I just cant please you

Oh Baby
Oh Girl
Gave you everything you wanted:
A fine automobile,
Plenty of money

What's wrong with you ?
Nothing I do satisfies:
Mink coats,
I brought you a diamond ring,
A fine home to live in . . .

I am particularly fond of the way he punctuates the "Sorry!"

Now while it may have been recorded in Chicago, it has a very Memphis / Bluesy sound to it. The Cobra's version substitutes the original's punching horn rhythm with - you guessed it! - Detroit garage guitar crunch. The lyrics remain true to the original, changing the gender of course. Rachel does not rap out during
the fade, like Jimmy Robins did ("A fine automobile, plenty of money . . ."). They did "cobrasize" the title as well, turning "I Can't Please You" into "Just Can't Please You". Making it that much more difficult to research the origin . . .

(On a personal note, the missus and I will be attending the Detroit Cobra's shows at Mr Small's in Pittsburgh on July 13th, and at the Beach Ballroom in Cleveland on the 14th. If you see us (picture's above) at the show be sure to say hello.)

Download it now:
Jimmy Robbins - I Can't Please You - Jerhart # 207A - 1966
Available on "Northern Soul of Chicago, Vol. 2"

Buy "Baby" by the Detroit Cobras


Anonymous said...

what a fantastic blog. unfortunately every tune i try to download and compare with the DC version of the tune...i get some bogus streamloader being updated message.

any idea on what the story is here, i think it is a hosting thing.

matt tipton.

joe.mares said...

thanks for the kind words!

i am getting the same streamloader message - looks to be a temporary thing, however. if it doesn't correct itself in the next day we'll look for somewhere else to host them.

thanks for the heads up!

Rodrigo said...

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Bruce said...

I was delighted to find your blog, though sad to see that it hasn't been updated in such a long time. Any chance of doing more?

I have done a study of this subject myself and started a couple of pages, though I didn't go into as much depth as you:


I have the originals of all the songs from both of these LPs, including the original single of Chumbawa by Gabriel and the Angels!

I would be happy to help out with audio if you desire to do more of these studies in future.